Your Personalized Student Management Tool

Stay on Top of your Academic Life

To make your life easier, we preloaded all courses content such as important dates, assignment requirements. Now all your course information is at your finger tips. You will never miss an important dates anymore.


Never Lose Focus

The moment you subscribe to a course, a to-do list is automatically generated for you. Now you can track your progress, create tasks, and ask questions among all your classmates.


Prioritize Your School Planner

In a glance, you can now know what's the next urgent task to accomplish. With this highly customizable calendar view, you can set your own reminders, and stay most up-to-date to your course progress.


More Dynamic Ways to Interact with Classmates

Reach gives you the easiest way to interact with your classmates. Now you can form group chats and video chats for project, compare each others schedules or find friends based on your mutual academic history.