Reach is a new way for brands and customers to engage for maximum mutual value. Based on the proven power of partnership, where the value a partner receives is based on the value they create, Reach ensures each can control what is most important in the relationship, but in ways that consistently benefit both, opening the door to a world of opportunity not accessible today.

For customers, Reach is an empowering mobile app that puts them at the center of all their brand relationships. Reach enables customers to take control over their personal data and receive compensation for sharing it directly with brands they approve. They also benefit from engaging in activities proven to add value, making them an extension of those brands and pushing loyalty beyond advocacy to brand activism. After all, actions speak louder than words.

For brands, Reach is a powerful customer platform designed to complement current loyalty programs while also helping optimize existing CDP or CRM systems. Brands benefit from the compliant, actionable, and timely personal data shared directly and proactively by customers. The data shared includes all monthly spending (line-item receipts), real-time location, and other relevant data, offering visibility beyond each brand and category, yielding a true 360° view of the customer.

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