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How Does Reach Work for Consumers?

Reach empowers consumers to unlock the value of their personal data. Members choose which brands they are willing to share data with, and engage in other fun and rewarding activities. Brands reward consumers with Reach Dollars they can spend like cash with any brand in the app.

How Does Reach Work for Brands?

Brands gain a sustainable competitive advantage through actionable consumer insights unavailable through other sources. We call it Zero Party Plus data – a 360-degree view of consumer spending and behaviors across brands and categories; their interests, preferences and values, even their location.


Reach members proactively share their data and are fairly compensated for sharing, ensuring the data is fully compliant with privacy regulations. They also participate in real-time, in-app activities that yield additional data, engage consumers emotionally, and drive desirable behaviors like additional visits and purchases, refer-a-friend, or voting for their favorite products, styles and flavors.

It’s All Within Reach

Consumers get control, choice and compensation. Brands get rich, compliant data, while reducing dependence on third-party data and costly discounting or affiliate fees. Ready for a new kind of partnership between brands and consumers? Click here for more information or a live demo.

What will you Reach for?

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