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third party cookies

The Death of the Cookie: How Companies Should Prepare for the Phase-Out of Third-Party Cookies

Google has recently announced that it’s going to kill third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022.

reward customers

Reaching for a Better Way to Reward Customers for Sharing Data

Programs that reward customers for purchases and other behaviors have been around for quite a while.

lovemarks, habitual behavior

Lovemarks or Consumer Habits?

“Lovemarks” are brands and services that people know and love. In marketing circles, lovemarks are seen as ways to establish what is called “loyalty beyond reason.”

small business loyalty programs

The Rise of City-Sponsored Small Business Loyalty Programs

More cities have been reported adopting small business loyalty programs to promote local establishments.

rewards points programs

McDonald’s and Burger King: Going Beyond Rewards Programs

Rewards programs are long standing assets in the Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) industry.

best subscription service

The Best Subscription Services Build Relationships

Subscription services have been on the rise long before the pandemic hit.

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