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Customer engagement

Building Customer Engagement By Nurturing Communities

Brands, now more than ever, need to nurture and grow their customer communities to further drive customer engagement.

customer acquisition strategy, customer acquisition and retention

3 Ways to Leverage Brand Loyalty for Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

Customer acquisition is an essential aspect of any business operation. New customers add to your base and bring in more revenue.

brand purpose

Highlight Brand Purpose and Values to Cultivate Loyalty

Over the years, consumers have grown more discerning and scrutinous when it comes to choosing brands they do business with.

what makes customers loyal to a brand

What Makes Customers Loyal to a Brand? Examining the Data

What makes customers loyal to a brand? Is it the name and the guarantee it offers? Or is it the value their products bring in exchange for the price customers pay?

winning customer loyalty

Reach in the News on Cheetah Digital Podcast

Creepy. That’s how two-thirds of US consumers describe many brand interactions today.

consumer behaviors

Age, Gender, and Education: How These 3 Factors Influence Consumer Behaviors

The advent of the Internet, the growing prevalence of mobile shopping, and other seismic shifts in the global economy have drastically modified the lives of consumers around the world.

what consumers want

What Consumers Want: Our Research Results

Many brands continue to ask themselves what customers want from them, especially in the current state of the economy and business in general.

third party cookies

The Death of the Cookie: How Companies Should Prepare for the Phase-Out of Third-Party Cookies

Google has recently announced that it’s going to kill third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022.

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