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amazon shopper panel

Assessing the Amazon Shopper Panel (and their Customer Compensation Policy)

Amazon’s recent launch of their Shopper Panel has stirred new interest in some of the platform’s most loyal customers.

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The History of Customer Loyalty Programs: Lessons From The Past

Customer loyalty programs are an extremely effective revenue generator for businesses when designed and deployed right.

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The Loyalty Marketplace: Reimagining the Consumer-Brand Relationship

The consumer-brand relationship is ripe for reinvention.

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The Paradox of Personalized Marketing

Personalization has become a priority for almost every consumer brand.

loyalty rewards program

2020 Loyalty Barometer Review: What Customers Think of Loyalty Programs

At REACH, we aspire to give customers full control of their data while providing more interesting ways to interact with the brands they love.

customer loyalty program

The Five Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Building a Customer Loyalty Program

A customer loyalty program remains one of the biggest and most effective revenue drivers for many businesses.

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