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At Reach, we are constantly researching and discussing how companies can optimize the consumer-brand relationship. We’ve learned that the orthodox approach to loyalty programs can be shallow, disconnected, and depersonalized. Consumers, meanwhile, feel undervalued as they have no control over their data and privacy. We are looking to chart a better way.

All of the data we have uncovered, and all of the expertise we have pooled together, has driven the creation of the Reach Marketplace. This new app and technological framework offers brands a way to facilitate a richer and more direct relationship with their consumers.

Now that we’re moving toward the arrival of the Reach Marketplace, it’s time for the next step: educating consumers on what they’re missing, and showing brands how they can reinvent their customer relationships.

Starting today, we welcome you to the Reach Blog.

Over the coming months, we will be posting thoughts from our own thinkers, our team of renowned advisors and other third-party sources of interest through our blog. To get a taste of what we’ll be exploring and discussing, check out some pieces we’ve already published:

We’d like you, the reader, to be part of the dialogue.

The Reach blog will feature content of interest about the world of customer engagement and interaction. We will share observations, news and commentary on innovations in the ways brands and customers interact. We will share views from the Reach team, other industry experts – and you, our readers and colleagues.

Reach is driving the discussion around the possibilities of partnerships between brands and customers. We look forward to talking with you more in the coming months. You may contact us here when you want to share your insights, or if you want to join the growing network of the Reach Marketplace.

Happy reading!

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