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What We Do

Reach is reinventing the customer-brand relationship. Our new mobile app brings customers and brands together in a partnership based on a reciprocal value exchange. Consumers choose to share their data with brands and interact in fun, engaging ways. Brands reward customers with ReachDollar$ they can spend instead of cash with any brand in the app.

Our Core Values

We are committed to a transparent environment, where honesty is the key to relationships between customers and brands and between Reach team members. We pledge that all interactions within Reach are fully compliant with growing consumer data protections, and completely respectful of customers’ privacy and security. We’re dedicated to empowering consumers to choose which brands they share data with, and what information they share, and empowering team members to effect real change in the way brands interact with customers.

Career Opportunities

Marketing Data Engineer; FINTECH/B2C

Remote in the U.S.

Senior iOS Application

Remote in the U.S.


Health and Dental Care

401k Plan

Flexible Hour Program

Flexible PTO Plan