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Transform your direct customer relationships into a true partnership based on a reciprocal value exchange. Compensate customers for sharing data and engaging with your brand, while gaining insights unavailable through other sources.

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Gain Actionable Customer Insights

Get a 360° customer view across brands and categories, available only with Zero Party Plus data.

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Deliver Truly Personalized Experiences

Members share data and engage in activities that give you knowledge of their interests, values, preferences and even location, enabling you to deliver customized opportunities and experiences, and drive spontaneous incremental visits and purchases.

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Ensure Easy Compliance

Reach members proactively share their data, ensuring transparency and compliance with increasingly restrictive regulations.

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Improve Marketing Efficiency and ROI

Reduce dependence on costly and inefficient discounts, promotions and affiliate fees. The Reach Dollars customers earn must be spent within the Marketplace, ensuring reinvestment in participating brands.

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Complement Existing Programs

If you have an existing CRM or loyalty program, Reach enriches your customers’ experience and provides you with data about what your customers do and how they spend when they’re not transacting with you.

Direct customer relationships, uniquely actionable insights and a better ROI.
It’s all within Reach.

WHY Reach? WHY Now?

Because we’ve done our research.

Consumers want more meaningful engagement with the brands they love, and fair compensation for sharing data.


Because we enable truly customized engagement opportunities.

Brands can provide a new level of personalization at scale, with rich customer insights built on data unobtainable through third-parties.


Because we make security and compliance easy.

The Reach platform ensures data security and trouble-free compliance with the increasing rules and regulations of GDPR and CCPA.

What will you Reach for?

Now is the time to re-invent the brand-customer relationship.
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