In the background

Reach works in the background to enable stronger direct customer relationships

Intentionally transparent, Reach empowers brands with a platform you control and a suite of powerful incentives to help overcome any skepticism or lack of trust. Reach members share personal data with brands they choose, so you can offer true personalization, increasing the direct and indirect value of engaged customers.

Unmatched versatility

Reach offers unmatched flexibility and diversity of application, extending brands’ existing marketing efforts

Participating brands gain actionable insights not otherwise accessible, enabling a level of personalization not previously possible. The platform can be applied to virtually any use case, from growing and retaining a customer’s share-of-wallet, to creating robust best customer profiles that lead to highly accurate “like-me” models for new customer acquisition.

Redefining relationships

Reach redefines the relationship between participating brands and customers

Unlike existing platforms and programs, Reach provides a two-sided marketplace where each side controls what is most important to them. Reach levels the playing field by enabling a unique value exchange that ensures brands and customers each get what they want in ways that consistently benefit both.

Zero-Party Plus Data™

Reach members share deterministic personal information on an individual and compliant basis

Only the Zero-Party Plus data Reach members share is derived from actual behavior rather than probabilities. Data is shared on an individual basis, so customers can be tracked over time, and progressively profiled. Data is shared by members proactively in near real-time, and only with brands they approve, ensuring its accuracy, timeliness, compliance, and actionability.

Our currency – Reach$

The Reach$ is a proprietary currency that does everything a customer wants, while working exactly the way a brand wants it to

Customers can use Reach$ instead of cash with any brand in the Reach Marketplace, giving them the utility of a traditional currency. Brands benefit from a closed system where Reach$ must be re-invested with a brand in the Reach Marketplace. Transactions are settled like any other Visa transaction, with no modifications to existing POS systems. 

Motivated members

Reach incentives go beyond Reach$, with engagement opportunities that consistently and effectively motivate members, especially Millennials and Gen X customers

To sustain desired behaviors, Reach$ are complemented with VIP treatment and priority service that addresses our target’s emotional needs. “Insider” access powers social influence and capital, and importantly, the ability to participate, or compete, with friends and family. Finally, members can engage in communities that share interests and values, fulfilling the need for belonging.

Reach personalized experience

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